Create a custom help widget

Before we customize the help widget it is recommended that you read this article about the help widget.


Sometimes the built in left/right positioning of the help widget do not work well with the hosting application. For example, they might overlay on top of an important part of the some pages.

To that end, we provide a service for customizing the help widget. Below are 2 videos showing a couple of such examples from our customers.


[a question mark on the top navigationopens the Iridize help widget as a modal dialog]



[help widget was integrated as a menu item in the site main navigation bar]

Technical How-To

The process of creating a custom help widget involves the following 3 steps:
  1. You need to place the following empty DIV element into the application
     <div id="ir-GuideContainer"></div>
  2. Go to the help widget setup page and check the Custom Widget setting.

  3. Once the container is populated, you will need to style it using our design kit.
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