Can I launch a guide based if a user field contains a certain value?


Consider the following use case, you want to provide your users with content relevant to the features that they use in your product.

Let's assume your product has 10 features which we'll name: feature01, feature02, .... feature10.

In your embed code you are telling Iridize which features the currently logged in user has enabled like so:

iridize('api.fields.set', {user_id: '', features: 'feature01, feature07, feature08'});

Now say you want to launch a guide only to users that have feature07 enabled.


Creating the condition "user has field features = feature07" will not do because it will only match if the user has only this feature enabled. (i.e. Iridize does string matching between the field and the value you provide)

But instead we allow you to user regular expressions. Surrounding the text with [ ]  tells iridize that the string is in fact a regular expression. This actually allows you to do things much more complex than simply 'contains'.

In our example you will need to:

but say you want to have the guide show up if the user has feature07 or feature06, no problem:

[feature07|feature06] will do just that. 

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