Is there a way to search for guides by keyword through the Iridize JS API?

The searching of the guide is happening in the client side in order to avoid extra communication with the servers.
We do not currently have a dedicated API function for searching but we do have an API function that lists all the guides that you can use as described below:
function search(query){
	iridize("",  {}, function(data)  {
		var guidesList,guide,i;
		// get the array of guide information objects
		guidesList = data.guides;
		// print the guides to browser console
		for (i = 0; i < guidesList.length; i++)  {
			guide = guidesList[i];
			if(guide.displayName.indexOf(query) != -1){
				console.log('name matches query: ' + guide.displayName);
			if(guide.description.indexOf(query) != -1){
				console.log('description matches query: ' + guide.description);
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