Can 'show tip on hover' and 'disable element' be used together?


But it's not that easy.

The way Iridize disables an element is by placing a "transparent" layer on top of it. If for example we disable a button when the end users click on the button they are in fact clicking on that transparent layer and the button never "sees" the click and is hence unusable.

When you set a tip to show on hover, Iridize waits for the end-user to put their mouse over the relevant element and show the tip then; but if the element is also disabled, the mouse will never be over the element but only on that "transparent" layer mentioned above.

The solution is to have the tip show when the mouse goes over the layer instead of the element itself.

  1. create the  disable layer as you normally would
  2. make it invisible and set it to advance on click
  3. on the same step, create another sub-step that will 'show on hover'.
  4. set the target element for this tip to .stDisableDiv



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