What does 'Active', 'Testing' and 'Offline' mean?

An iridize guide has multiple revisions.

Each time you edit a guide a new revision of that guide is stored in our database. A revision can either be a published or a draft revision.

Show me how to activate a guide

To complement this, Iridize supports a dual deployment mode. While you can only see published revisions in your production environment, Iridize allows you to see draft revisions in your staging environment.

This can be very useful if you want to create a guide for a new feature that is not yet live in production.

  • 'Active' means that it is live in production. This means that the guide has a published revision. There should be a checkmark icon under the actions column, click to unpublish it.
  • 'Testing' means that it is only available in staging. This means that your guide has just a draft version. There should be a pencil icon under the actions column, click to publish it.
  • 'Offline' means that the guide cannot be seen on either staging nor production environment.

Since a guide has multiple revisions, it can have a draft revision that will be displaying in your staging environment and a published revision that is live in your production environment. If this is the case you will have both a pencil and a checkmark icon under the actions column. They will allow you to either publish the draft revision or unpublish the published revision.


How to transition between these three states?


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