Can a guide be launched automatically from an email campaign or a knowledge-base article?


No matter the use case you can always create a link that when opened an Iridize guide would be launched automatically.

Common use cases are:

  • Sending out an email campaign to your customers about a new feature. If clicked you want the reader to be engaged with an Iridize tour of the new feature.
  • Linking a knowledge-base article to relevant guide. If the article is providing an overview of a certain procedure the user could jump directly into doing that procedure while being guided by Iridize.
  • Integrating Iridize guides with your LMS


  1. Iridize must be embedded in your application
  2. You need to have some knowledge of HTML or at least of creating an HTML link.
  3. You must have sufficient permissions to be able to add the HTML link to the email campaign, LMS, knowledge-base.

Creating a Permalink

A permalink is composed of 2 parts.

  1. The link to the page that you want the user to go to. For example if you application is hosted on, the link to the user profile page could be
  2. A parameter that would signal Iridize to launch the guide. This is why we need Iridize to be embedded for this to work. 
    stStart=[api name]

So, to complete our example, if I have an Iridize guide that gives an overview of the profile page and if the API name of this guide is abcdefg. Than our parts will be:

  2. stStart=abcdefg

and all we need to do to combine them is add a ? in between; giving us


Here is a live example for you:
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