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The Improved Task List allows you to offer your users a personalized list of guides, videos and links, which are presented as one group, and allow them to see how far they have advanced in completing/viewing the list.

Task Lists can be used for:  

  • Training flows that walk your users through a new software platform
  • Onboarding sequences that train and certify new employees  
  • Pre-defined check lists the users need to complete while working on a certain process
  • And more…

Iridize’s Improved Task-List has several special features which make it a very powerful tool for onboarding, training and assistance. With our Improved Task List you can -

  • Create unlimited Task-Lists per product
  • Create a Task List for each type of user, based on role, past activity – or any other rules you wish to choose
  • Allow you users to reset the task list progress


The Task List Experience

An end user can access and launch tasks lists in two methods:

  • Launch the List from the Task List icon which floats on the bottom right of your screen
  • If the List is set to be available from the Help Widget you can search for it and launch it from there.

tasklist10.jpg       tasklist11.jpg            

The Task List includes a list of guides. Use your mouse to choose a guide and to launch it. Once your guide is completed the bullet to its left will be marked and a progress bar will appear at the bottom of the list to show you how far you’ve advanced in the guide sequence. 


Tasks list that are used as “Check Lists” – which support the users in completing standard process with the product. For example, an HR Manager who needs to complete a certain sequences of actions when hiring a new employee. In this case, the guide creator may allow you to reset the Task List. In this case the Reset Tasklist option will appear at the bottom of the list of guides. If the user clicks this option the progress bar and the guides that were marked as completed will be reset.


 tasklist14.jpg       tasklist15.jpg


Creating a Task List

Creating a task list is easy and intuitive.

  • From the Manage drop down menu choose the Task List option to go to your Task List management page 


          On this page you can manage existing Task Lists and create new ones

  • Click “New Task List” to create a new Task List


  • Give your Task List a name


  • To add guides to your Task List, click the little arrow on the right hand side of the “Guide:” field, and scroll your guide list to choose a guide. 



  • Click “Add guide” to choose the guide.


          Continue with this process to add as many guides as you wish. 

          Task Lists have no guide limit – but we suggest not adding more than 7 guides per list.


  • You can remove a chosen guide from the list by clicking the Garbage Can icon next to the guide name.


  • You can also choose if you wish to allow yours users to reset the Task List process by checking the “User can reset progress.” box (see above). This is a great way to create “Check Lists” for standard processes.

          Please note this does not reset the usage analytics only the end user’s experience.


  • Once done, click the “CREATE LIST” button


  • You can find the new list you’ve created in the list of Task Lists.



  • Please note! Your new Task List still has no conditions, Iridize notifies you of this (See red triangle below). Click the gear-wheel icon to create conditions for the new list just as you do for any other type of guide.


Iridize's new Task List is a very powerful mechanism for helping your users find their way around a new project. If you need more ideas about how it can help you to upgrade your onboarding and support please reach out to our support team.

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