Invisible Steps - React to User Interactions

  • Is it possible to start a guide after a user clicks on a certain button?
  • Can I launch a guide after a user has started filling out a form?
  • Can I wait for a user to click on a button and continue the guide only afterwards?

The answer to all these questions is YES, that's what the 'invisible step' is for.

Normally, any step in a guide/walkthrough will have at least one tooltip that is displayed on the screen and assists the end user. An invisible step has no visual representation. But, it still has all the powers of a normal step; it can still wait for any type of user interaction.

For example, the settings below will wait for the user to click on an element before showing the next tooltip.



Similarly, you can wait for the user to enter text in any form, or to click on the TAB key. 

ADVANCED: If you leave the 'Advance when' setting unchecked the player will advance to the next step as soon as the target element is found on the page. An example of this would be skipping navigational steps.

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