Cloning a Tooltip

Cloning a tooltip is useful when

  1. You have created a beautiful tooltip, with customized settings and styles. And you want to create another one just like it
  2. You have created a step with multiple tooltips and you want to move one of those tooltips to a new step
  3. You want to move a tooltip, you have created, into an existing step (e.g. to branch the guide)

Cloning will create an identical copy with all the text, styling, conditions, branches and any other setting.

To clone a tooltip, in the editor, you will need to select it first.

Once selected, click on the clone icon: 

The clone dialog will appear,

  1. Choose whether you want to clone only the selected tip (default) or all tooltips
  2. In the drop-down select where you want to clone to. This can be the same step (default), a new step (the new step will be created immediately after the selected step), or any other step in your guide.
  3. Click the Clone button
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