How do I skip the navigation steps if I'm already on the right page?

Consider the following usecase:

You have create a guide that instructs the user on how to update the contact person for an account.

Your guide is divided into two logical parts:

  1. searching and navigating to the relevant account 
  2. updating the contact person.

Now what if the user is already on the page for the account, you would want the iridize guide to skip the first part of the guide and jump over the first part directly to the second (i.e. updating the contact person).

Let's see how this can be achieved with Iridize

Essentially we need to make our guide identify that it is on the right page and if so jump (branch in Iridize speak) to the first step of the second part.

1. To do that we will add another splash tip on the first step of the guide - read how

2. Make this tip invisible- you can read more about invisible steps in this knowledge-base article

[Make sure the 'Advance when' option is left unchecked.]

3. Add a branch to jump to the relevant step (first step in the second part)

If we stop now, the guide will always jump to the second part. So we need to add step conditions to limit this behavior.

4. In 90% of the cases a single condition to match the URL of the page will suffice.

Note that you don't have to provide the full URL


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