Contextual Page Level Help

Let's say that a new feature has been added to your application and you've written a detailed article about how to use this feature and have added this article to your knowledge-base/help-center/wiki. 

How do I get the users who use this feature to read the article and to see the full power of the feature?

What if you could:

  1. Open a splash window for the first 3 times the user lands on the feature page
  2. Embed a 30 seconds overview video of this feature
  3. Write the key benefits of using this feature
  4. Link to your detailed article for more information

Actually, you can do this! @Iridize we call this Contextual Page Level Help.

Before I show you can use Iridize to let your users know, I'd like to mentioned that you are not alone with this issue; Zendesk had recently released a new macros feature and this is exactly how they introduced it - 

So, let me show you how @Iridize can help you look like a pro:

  • Create a new walk-through guide om your guides page
  • Make the first step a splash.
  • Use the display settings to change the placement of the tip to be inside-top-right

  • Now open the extended text editor and write/embed the desired content.
  • Be sure to remove the Back button and consider using remind me later
  • Remove the Highlight; this would allow the user to interact with the page as he sees fit while reading your content.
  • Under the Advanced Settings, set Fixed Position; this will make the tip stay in view as the user scrolls the page up or down.

Here's the result:



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