Understanding Guide Options

API Name

This is an internal identifier of your guide. Every guide has a unique such identifier in our database. You can read more about it in this knowledge-base article.


Describe your guide using free text. This text will also be used if the user types a keyword in the Iridize help widget search box.


The URL where this guide should be opened. (e.g. where to open the preview of this guide).

This setting is also used by in conjunction with the Redirect setting, see below.

Editing url

The URL that will be opened in the editor when editing this guide.


This settings tells Iridize what to do when the guide is launched from the help widget.

Never redirect (default) - The guide will be launched without any redirect. 

To understand the other 2 options let's consider an example:

Consider you have a walk-through guide that is intended to highlight a certain feature (e.g. feature_x). The URL setting for this guide is set to the feature's main page.



Redirect if on different page than start url - when an end-user opens this guide from the help widget; if he is on a URL other than http://myapp.com/feature_x/index.html he will be redirected to this URL before the guide starts. 

Iridize is smart, so if the users is on subdomain.myapp.com he will be redirected to http://subdomain.myapp.com/feature_x/index.html
Redirect if on different domain than start urlwhen the end-user is on a domain other than myapp.com (subdomain is considered a different domain) he will be redirected to http://myapp.com/feature_x/index.html

Sticky guide

Once a guide starts running, it will continue to run until the user closes it. This is important because normally you would like the guide to instruct the user through multiple pages. 
But what if you want to restrict a guide to a specific page? For example, if you want to show contextual tooltips on certain elements. 
In these situations you probably wouldn't want Iridize to keep running these guide after the user navigated away from the page; otherwise the contextual tooltips might appear out of context.
Uncheck this setting if you want Iridize to forget the guide was running as soon as the user navigates away from the page.


Last modified

This states the last time the guide was modified and by which user.



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