Help Widget Explained

What is the help widget?

The help widget is intended to be a one-stop-shop for customer self service. Used correctly, it should be the first place your users go to to search for help and assistance about your application. Placing the right content in the help widget will reduce the number of support request and drastically improve the onboarding process of users.

Technically speaking, the help widget is an HTML component that sits on top of your application. Normally it contains a list of step-by-step, walkthrough guides and important links (e.g. a link to the product knowledge-base). By default the help widget is located on the right hand side of your application (see image below).


Delivering contextual help

The content of the help widget is completely dynamic. As the training professional you have all the power to control what content it holds directly from the Iridize dashboard without requiring any IT resources.

As a result the help widget is a great way to deliver contextual help to your users. With it you can:

  • Show content that is only relevant to the page that the user is currently on using page conditions
  • Show content that depends on the role of the logged in user using user fields. For example, you can display two completely different guides to a sales rep and sales manager. Refer to this article for more information about setting up user fields
  • Show content based on user activity. For example, only show a link to guide 'update opportunity' if the user has already completed the guide 'create opportunity'.

All of this is possible using guide activation conditions.

Extended features

The help widget also supports the following list of advanced features.

Guide search

allows your users to search for other relevant guides on the Iridize platform. That is guides that are not displayed in the help widget but match a certain keyword. Your user will then be able to launch these guides directly from the search results.

Zendesk knowledge-base search

If you are using Zendesk as your knowledge-base of choice you can allow your users to search your knowledge-base directly from within the help widget. This allows your users to access detailed information about a certain process or feature without having to leave your application.

Articles from you knowledge-base will have a 'book' icon next to them in the search results.

If you are using another knowledge-base and would like to provide this functionality to your users - contact us.


Create a Custom Help Widget

Sometimes the built in left/right positioning of the help widget do not work well with the hosting application. For example, they might overlay on top of an important part of the some pages.

If this the case for you, please read the following article and see how to create your own help widget.

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