Deployment best practices

Iridize support two deployment modes out of the box: development mode and production mode.

You can determine whether Iridize will work in production mode or in development mode by setting the env variable in the embed code. Refer to our article about setting up Iridize.

Production mode

Production mode should be used in your live application; this is where your users engage with the guides that you have published. 

In production mode Iridize:

  • Displays only published versions of your guides. That is, if a guide is not published it will not be available.
  • Uses the Amazon CDN to cache your guides for better latency and high availability.
  • Uses your internal browser cache to store recently used guides.

Development mode

Development mode is where you create, edit and test your guides before publishing them.

In development mode Iridize:

  • Displays the newest versions of your guides even if they are not published yet.
  • Does not use any type of caching so that changes that you make are immediately propagated without any delay.


It is highly recommended to embed Iridize in development mode in your staging environment that is the environment where you run all your tests before you release to production. This enables the training professionals (maybe that's you :-) ) to create and test the guides on the newest features and improvements before they are released to production.

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