Integrating Iridize with your Learning Management System (LMS)

If you are using Iridize for employee training and you have a Learning Management System you might want to integrate the two.

There are several ways in which you can integrate Iridize with your LMS of choice.

Linking to an Iridize guide from the LMS

You can use a permalink to create a link that will launch an Iridize guide as soon as you land on it. You can embed this link anywhere from an email campaign to your LMS. 

To see how to create a permalink please refer to this knowledge-base article.

Linking from an Iridize guide to your LMS

There are actually several ways to do this.

Each an every Iridize tooltip can embed reach media in it. This can be an image, a video, and depending on your LMS an actual course.

Furthermore, you could add a link to the course page in your LMS inside any Iridize tooltip. This means that as the user sees the tip he will be able to click on this link and a new browser tab with your LMS will open.

Both of these options are great ways to bring LMS content into context at the exact time of need.

Exporting training data from Iridize into your LMS

One of the key features of any LMS is its ability to track the progress of each and every employee in his/her onboarding process. Often you use the LMS to see which employees did not complete a certain training or course so that you could reach out to them.

Iridize keeps track of all your employees and how they interact with your guides. And if you stop to think of it a guide is in itself a micro training entity. 

To that end, we allow our customers to export all usage information from the Iridize database so that you can upload it into an LMS.


If you would like to learn more about integrating Iridize with your LMS, contact us.


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