URL configuration for a guide

There are several URL parameters that you can configure to fine tune and customize the behavior of any walk-through guide.

In this article we will go over all of them in detail.


You implicitly set this URL when you enter a URL and start creating a guide.

The URL controls the following:

  1. Unless you manually set the Editing URL (see below) this will be the where Iridize will take you to edit the guide when you click on the guide's name.
  2. It is the URL you will be redirected to when you preview the guide.
  3. If this guide appears in your help widget and you have configured the guide to Redirect if on different page than URL, than when the guide is clicked in the help widget Iridize will automatically redirect the end user to this URL.

Normally this will be a link to your staging environment where you create and test your guides before rolling them out to production.

You can change the URL on the guide options page under Advanced Options.

Editing URL

By default this will be identical to your the URL above. But if for any reason they should not be the same you can change it.

This URL has no bearing on where your guide will be seen by your end users

You can change the editing URL on the guide options page under Advanced Options.

Activation URL

This URL tells Iridize on which URLs to display the guides in the help widget and on which to launch the guide automatically (aka autoload).

Unlike the first two URL types there can be multiple Activation URLs. Furthermore you can use regular expressions to create URL wildcards.

Activation URLs are configured via the 'URL matching' condition type in the guide activation conditions.


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