How to Launch a Guide Based on User Interaction - Create a "Launcher Guide"

Don't wait for the users to pull the guide, push the guide to them:

  • The best way to train a user (on a process) is when s/he uses the process for the first time.
  • You want to share more information with the user about the feature he/she has just started using.

Iridize allows you to launch a guide based on a user's interaction with your application. Common use cases would be:

  • Launch the 'create lead' guide as soon as the user clicked on the 'create new lead' button. Or more generally, launch a walkthrough guide as soon as the user clicked on a button.
  • Launch a guide as soon as the user starts filling a form
  • Launch a guide when the page contains something. For example, launch a guide if a common error message appears on the screen.

We call these guides - Iridize Launcher Guides

Normally, a launcher guide would have a single, invisible step that would wait for the desired user interaction. And a branch to launch the desired guide as soon as the user makes this desired interaction.

Below is a video of creating a launcher guide for the add new lead button in Salesforce.

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