Goals - Measuring Product Training

Even if you achieve the impossible and finish writing all the technical communication content you ever wanted. Or if you have created THE perfect product training course and uploaded it to your LMS. Something is still missing!

If you can not measure the effectiveness of your training you are not done.

Measuring is crucial because it allows you to:

  1. Improve your training based on real data
  2. It's a highly effective way to share your results with high level executives. Some would say it's the only way to do so.

Whether or not you use Iridize to train your users and help them master key procedures; Iridize lets you track and measure which users complete these procedures.

Iridize can silently track a user as it accomplishes certain milestones in his onboarding process - we call this milestones - goals

A goal is something that the users has accomplished in the product. For example, in a CRM application you would probably have a goal for:

  • user created a lead
  • user created an opportunity
  • user created a contact

Goals are a fully independent feature. In fact, if we continue with the CRM example, you can use Iridize goals to measure how many of your salesreps have successfully created a lead without ever showing them a walkthrough guide or a tooltip.

But, their true power lies in its integration with Iridize guides. Together you could only launch the 'Add a new lead' guide to a user that have not completed the corresponding goal. Or, only show the 'Create an opportunity' guide to a user that has just recently completed the 'create a lead' goal.

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