What if I want the guide to advance when user clicks on ANY element in a list?

No problem!

Actually you can choose from one of the 2 options below depending on your preference.


Say we want to create a guide for LinkedIn on how to apply for a job @ Google. You explain to the user how to run a Job search and now, when the user is on the search results page you want the guide to continue no matter which job the user selected from the list.

[There are 109 google jobs posted on linkedin and we want Iridize to grab a click on all 109!]

Our guide is not one step #3 and we are instructing the user to "click on any job for the list below".

Option 1 - Multiple Tips

Instead of trying to identify a click on any one of the 109 jobs we will add another tooltip to step #3 that will only display if the user is on a job listing details page (obviously this means s/he clicked on an item from the list)

To do this we need to:

  1. add another tooltip to step #3 - see this knowledge base article
  2. add a condition to this tooltip so that it will only show on the details page. It is common to use the URL condition or a visible element condition.
    In the LinkedIn example, I would have used, 'when page has url matching /jobs/view/'.


Option 2 - Manual Selector

To follow this option you must have a good understanding of CSS and specifically CSS selectors.

When you place an Iridize tooltip on a page, Iridize works hard to find the best suitable identifier for the element you want the tooltip to point it. A crucial part of this is to find a unique identifier that will match only the element that you selected. Here, we want to bypass this mechanism and choose a selector that will match all of the search results.

In our example, all job listing links share a common class "job-title-text". In order to have Iridize wait for a click on ANY one of them, we need to check 'Change Advance on Event Target' and manually change it to .job-title-text .The '.' prefix is not a mistake, it denotes a CSS class.


Each of the above options has its merits. Option 2 is quicker to set up, Option 1 does not require any technical knowledge and creates a much better user experience whereby if the user goes back to the search results page the tooltip to "click on any job for the list below" will display.


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