I need to create a guide on a page with a dynamic URL, what are the best practices?

Let's solidify this with a concrete, real life example:

Your offer a document signature service; each time someone creates a document for signature, the URL changes based on random, system generated, document ID. The url looks like this:



Before anything, read this detailed article about URL configuration of a guide.

Now let's break things down to work flow steps.

Creating/Editing the guide

To create your guide, simply choose a random document and enter the url in the Iridize guide creation form

If you want to edit the guide and the document no longer exists, no problem, you can change the Editing URL. Also, once you click on the guide to edit it you can navigate to the desired page, the Iridize editor should stay with you on the left hand side.

Previewing the Guide

Opening the preview of the guide should take you to the same random document you choose when creating the guide. If you want the preview to start on another page you can either change the URL of the guide or navigate to the relevant page as you normally would with the browser until you reach the right  page - the guide should start automatically.

Launching the Guide

Assuming you want to automatically launch the guide on all these pages, no matter what the document ID is, you will need to URL Matching condition in the guide activation conditions.

Based on the above example the condition would look like this:

Notice that the we only tell Iridize of the part of the URL that matters to us. Since we want the guide to show on all documents we simply omit the id parameter from the URL condition. Alternatively if we want the guide to launch only on a specific document we could say:


Furthermore, Iridize is configured by default to ignore the domain names. this means that if your application runs on multiple sub domains you will not need to create special guides and conditions for each sub domain.

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