Release notes with Iridize

Iridize is a great way to provide relevant information to a user in the perfect time of need.

A common example of this is for sharing the latest and greatest release notes with your customer base.

Unlike an email campaign or a press release, the Iridize message will be displayed to the user when he first logs into the application after the release was made. This greatly improves the chances for the information to be consumed instead of immediately archived or deleted from the mailbox.

Furthermore, using Iridize's proprietary guide activation conditions you can:

  • Personalize the message based on user role. Thus notifying each user only with the updates that are most relevant to him/her.
  • Make sure that all users see the notification on their next login to the application.
  • Allow all users to be reminded later of the release notes at a more opportune time.

Here is a checklist for creating a knockout Release Note notification with Iridzie

  1. Create a styled splash tip with and list the top features in the new release. You can use the extended WYSIWYG editor to setup custom CSS styling. Here is a live example from one of our customers:

2. (Optional) Link the bullets in the notification to a more detailed explanation of each feature. For example, to an article in your knowledge base or help-center.

3. configure the display settings of the splash tip:

  • check the hide the close button setting
  • Change the next button text to something more engaging like 'got it'
  • check the show remind me later button setting

4. setup the remind me later functionality as described in this article. This will allow your users to decide if they want to read the release notes now or be reminded of them on their next login.

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