User Feedback

Iridize allows you to collect user feedback about the guides that you created.

With this feature is enabled, whenever a user completes a guide or closes it in the middle a feedback widget like the one above will be displayed allowing the user to give the guide a 1-5 rating.

In order to balance between your need to get as much feedback as possible from your users with not wanting to display the feedback widget too often thus affecting the user experience we have put in place two safety precautions:

  1. The feedback widget will never display twice for the same guide
  2. The feedback widget will never display more than once in 10 minutes. So if your user is running 3 guides within a 10 minute time frame s/he will only see the widget after the first guide.

Setup - Enabling User Feedback

Follow this short Iridize walk-through to setup the user feedback feature in your application.

Analyzing the Feedback

Iridize collects all feedback and attaches it to both the relevant guide and the user who provided it.

The image above shows the user feedback collected for a certain guide. You can see the distribution of scores between all users. For example, within the selected time frame 5 users gave this guide a 5-star rating. To the right of the bar chart you can see the Satisfaction score this calculates the percentage of users that found the guide at least a 3. For example, 3+4+5=12 out of a total of 14 users amounts to 86% of users within the selected time frame.

If you want to drill down and see the rating given by each user - no problem! The user activity table will give you this information.

And to top it all, if you want to see an overall of the feedback given by a specific user, simply choose a user from the User Activity table, or select it directly from the Users page.


At the top, as depicted in the image above, you will see the user's overall satisfaction with your guides. That is, what is the percentage of guides to which he gave a 3 or higher rating. Next is the Completion ratio and the Engagement ratio. 

Note that even though the user has not completed the guide he may still be very happy because, for example, Iridize helped him/her navigate to the right place in the application.

Below the overall scores, Iridize displays a User Activity table only this time, it will show all the guides that the selected user saw instead of all of the user who saw a specific guide.


If you have any questions about how to setup User Feedback or how to use it to improve your training, comment below or contact us.


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