Why doesn't my guide show up?

If you have create a guide and it does not show up, look no further, you have come to the right place.

This articles outlines a checklist that you can go over in order to get to the bottom of the issue.

Is Iridize embedded?

Before we do anything, let's make sure that Iridize is embedded on the page where the guide should appear. 

The easiest way to verify that is to check if there are other guides displaying on this page. Even if the help widget appears it means Iridize is embedded properly.

If you are still unsure, follow this video guide.

If Iridize is not embedded you will need to have a talk with IT.

Is the guide published?

Every iridize guide has multiple revisions. This is important if you want to update a guide that is currently in production with new new content that is only available in your staging/UAT.

If your guide does not have a published revision it will not show in production at all.

[A draft guide is indicated by the orange Testing label]

If the latest revision of the guide is a draft you will only see you latest changes in the staging/UAT environment.

[The pencil icon indicates that the latest revision of the guide is a draft]

In both situations you will only see the guide in your staging/UAT environment. To see the guide in production click on the pencil icon. 

If you want to read more about Iridize deployment and environments please read this knowledge-base article.

Conditions problems?

If Iridize is embedded on the page and the latest revision of the guide is published, and still the guide does not show up, it has to be the guide activation conditions.

To test the conditions, the first thing we want to do is  - verify that the guide is not blocked. For example, if you have set a condition for the guide to show just once per user and as the guide creator you have already seen it, then obviously it will not show up. 

To test if the guide is blocked, go to the Users tab in the Iridize dashboard. type in your user_id and click on the user in the list. To get your user_id, preview your guide and look for the user_id in the preview window.

On the user details page, scroll down to see the USER ACTIVITY table. Look for the record of the guide. If there is a record and the guide is blocked, then click on the Reset User Activity immediately below the table.

[The guides on the first 2 rows are blocked from auto-loading]

So the guide is not blocked but still we cannot see it. We need to debug the conditions one by one. It is better to test the conditions in your staging/UAT environment since changes in conditions take ~5 minutes to propagate the production environment because of caching that we employ.

To verify that you are on a staging environment follow the embed video above. Instead of typing in iridize in the console, type:


If the result is "dev" we are good.

Iterate over all conditions; deactivate a condition and click on the Save button. Now reload the page in your application. If the guide show up, the guide you just deactivated is the cause of the problem.


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