Step conditions explained

Step Conditions control when a certain tooltip will be displayed.

Before displaying a tooltip Iridize will iterate over all of the step conditions; only if all conditions are met will the tooltip be displayed. If any condition is not met Iridize will not show the tooltip.

Being that web applications are dynamic in nature, Iridize is continually testing all conditions; as a result your tooltip can be displayed and hidden multiple times based on how the user interacts with the page.

Example Use Case

Let's say you have a social share button in your application. To encourage your users to click on this button you add a tooltip to point directly at it. But, when the user clicks on the share button a popup window appears; when it does you will probably want the tooltip to disappear. When the popup is closed you would like the tooltip to display again.

No problem!

What you need to do is to add a step condition to this tooltip. The step condition should say "Show this tooltip when the page does not have a visible share popup".

Iridize supports a variety condition types, you can read more about them in this knowledge-base article.

Customer Use Case - Hover Menus

Please read this FAQ article.


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