How to prevent a tooltip from hiding a drop down menu?

We often receive a request that sounds something like this:

"The top navigation of my application uses hover menus.
When a user puts his mouse on a menu item a sub-menu is opened;
when the mouse moves out of the item the sub-menu disappears. 
If I place a tooltip on the menu item, as soon as the mouse is over 
the item, the tooltip covers the drop down and the user cannot see the sub-menu."


[notice how the tooltip hides the Media sub menu]

The best way to address this issue is using step conditions. Step conditions allow you to condition the display of any tooltip. In this example, we would like to tell Iridize to only show this tooltip if the sub-menu is not visible.

To add this condition, click the Add link under the tooltip's activation settings.

Once, clicked, add the following condition.

Notice how we are testing if the first item in the sub-menu (i.e. campaigns) is visible.

The result would look like this,


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