I receive the message "A tip is waiting for the page to refresh". What does that mean exactly?

This message means that the tooltip on the next step, probably step 3 is waiting for the page to refresh.

To change this behavior, open the 3rd step in the Iridize editor and under the activation settings, unset the Show tip after page refresh setting.

When should I use this setting?

Consider the following situation, you have a guide for running a company search on LinkedIn. Your first step will be to enter a company name in the search field and than to click on the magnifying glass in order to run the search. For the third step, you would like a spalsh screen that will pop up once the search results are loaded.

If you do not set the 'Show tip after page refresh' setting, as soon as you click on the search button. this 3rd step will display for a second. Then LinkedIn would load the search results, and the tooltip will display again. To avoid this behavior the 'Show tip after page refresh' must be set.

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