When I see the statics on the use of the guides, I have been able to see three indicators: Satisfaction, completion and engagement. How do you calculate them?


The Satisfaction score provides an indication of how your users feel about the guides that you created and generally with the content that you present using the Iridize "engagement layer".

The Statisfation score is only available if you enable the user feedback feature.

Every user that provides a feedback of 3 or higher is considered satisfied.


The engagement score calculates the percentage of users that have engaged with the guide/s. Iridize considers any interaction with the guide as engagement. Normally this means clicking on the Next button. If a user closes the guide immediately it will not be considered engagement.


The completion score calculates the percentage of users that have completed the guide/s. A guide is completed when the user has reached the last step in the guide. 



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