How to launch a guide from another guide?

There are several ways to link two guides together with Iridize.

Launch a guide when the user completes another guide

To launch a guide when the user completes another guide we need to create a branch.

Select the last tip in your "first" guide. Open the Advanced Settings panel and click to add a new branch.

Add a 'Launch a Guide' branch and select your "second" guide from the drop down list.

NOTE: you do not need to select a step by default Iridize will start the guide from the beginning.


Launch a guide when the user clicks on a button in a tool-tip

Sometimes you would like the user to choose which guide they want to launch now. What if you would like to ask the user "What would you like to do now?"?

To create such an experience type the text of your tip (including the text of the  options). Now select the text for the first option and click on the Launch a guide button.

In the popup, select the guide that you want to launch. You can choose whether you want the display to be a link or a button.


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