Help widget does not load

Below is a list of things that you can do to try and troubleshoot the help widget.

This  is somewhat technical and requires knowledge of javascript.

Iridize embedded

To verify that Iridize is properly embedded on the page open the developer console of your preferred browser and type iridize in the console.

If you get an exception like the one above it means Iridize is not properly embedded. 

You can read more about setting up Iridize in this article.

Empty Help Widget

If the help widget does not have any guides to display it will not be loaded on the page. By default when you create a guide it is set to always display in the help widget so if you have at least one guide you should not have this issue.

The warning sign next to the guides could mean it has no conditions and will not be displayed in the help widget.

Language not properly set

If you are using multiple languages the help widget will only display guides that have a version in the language that is set up.

If there are no guides in the provided language the help widget will be empty and will not show up.

please note that if you want to use the default language (normally english) you can omit the declaration or set it to '--'

iridize.lang = '--';


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