Use an image map to launch a guide

An image map is an image with clickable areas.

What if you want that if the user clicks on one of these areas an iridize guide would launch?

To define an image map you can use online tools like or follow this tutorial

After you have created you image map, you will need to add a few attributes to each area in the map. These attributes will tell Iridize what to do when the area is clicked. The best way to get these attributes is to create a Launch guide button and copy these attributes from it.

For example, your area could look like this

<area alt="Sun" coords="0,0,100,99" shape="rect" />

and you will change it to: 

<area alt="Sun" coords="0,0,100,99" data-iridize-nextscenario="{&quot;nextScenario&quot;:&quot;fd0qtw7w&quot;,&quot;dontClose&quot;:false,&quot;next&quot;:&quot;&quot;}" data-iridize-role="nextScenarioBt" href="javascript:void(0)" shape="rect" />


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